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Open Space Overview – What is it?

We are providing varying amenity areas across the Chesterwell Development including:

Main Nayland road and surrounding roads into the development – Landscaped hedges/turfed verges, borders, trees and shrubs which are to be all maintained to a high standard.

Natural Regeneration areas to allow for the breeding of wildlife through diversification.

Gravel path walkways to link up the landscaped areas and play area.

Play area to be constructed with various obstacles and apparatus for all ages to enjoy.

Mown pathways through varying grasslands to promote walking around the development landscaping.

Picnic area to be provided at the Woodland entrance.

Woodland Area to be enhanced and maintained for walking through with a path and fenced area accessed from the picnic area.

New trees planted within the Woodland Management Area.

The Chesterwell Development has been phased into parcels. These phases have amenity areas within them which are to be managed and maintained by a Management Company. The Management Company is tasked with carrying out and completing the necessary works over the site. There are varying areas within the site with different amenity spaces which include Natural Regeneration grassland, Wildflower grassland, mown paths through the grasslands, gravel pathways, play area, woodland walkways and picnic area. This is aimed to provide a natural habitat for the surrounding wildlife to flourish and enable growth year on year and bring wildlife and Chesterwell residents together.

Further Useful Links

About PMS

PMS Managing Estates Limited is part of a long-established group of companies that have been managing property since 1979.


Open Space Management Plan

Download a detailed plan which shows all open space areas below.

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Open Space Management Leaflet

Download a detailed leaflet which shows all open space areas below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the amenity areas and whose ownership do they fall under?

Please click here to see a detailed plan which shows the various areas concerned and whose ownership they fall into.

When carrying out maintenance onsite, what does this include?

Predominantly the cutting of amenity grass, hedges, borders and watering of young trees.

Who are PMS Managing Estates and what do they do?

They are the Management Company tasked to complete these works, and collect the maintenance charges from all Chesterwell residents. Click here to learn more.

What is happening to the Woodland Area?

This area will be maintained and have a path running through the woodland with information boards and a picnic area provided to the entrance.

Are there mown paths being provided through the grasslands?

Yes, there are mown paths mown regularly running through the different grasslands to link up with other paths within the public open space.

During the Summer months of the year what gets watered on the development?

Only young sapling trees will get watered to allow them to establish over the first year.

Why do I pay an Amenity Service Charge for my property?

Simply put, freehold and leasehold properties on the development are part of a wider estate that has usage of amenity areas. There is a cost associated with the upkeep of these amenity areas, divided equally between all properties at Chesterwell. The service charge period commences in April of each year. You may have other service charges for your property which are separate to the Amenity Service Charge.

Where is it defined that I must pay an Amenity Service Charge?

The obligation to pay the service charge can be found in your Transfer document (also known as a TP1, or Deeds). There is a section in your Transfer, titled ‘The Schedule’ which confirms provisions and covenants relating to the Amenity Areas. This schedule confirms (amongst other things):

  1. The extent of the Amenity Areas
  2. The Annual Management Cost (which is then used to determine your service charge)
  3. The index rate by which the service charge will increase each year
Will the service charge go up each year?

Yes, but only in line with RPI. See the ‘Initial Annual Sum’ in your TP1 for details of how this was originally calculated and by how much it has risen since 2015.

Where is the service charge fund for Chesterwell held?

In an account with Natwest Bank set up specifically for the purpose of holding Chesterwells' service charge in a ring-fenced, trust account.

Will we see evidence of expenditure for the Amenity Areas at Chesterwell?

Yes, all residents will be presented with an end-of-year statement that confirms how much service charge was collected versus how much was spent.

What happens if the management charge is more or less than the total collected at Chesterwell?

At paragraph 3 of The Schedule, confirmation is given of what happens if an operating surplus, or an operating deficit, is encountered. If there is an operating surplus, your apportioned difference is credited back to you on the next period charge; conversely, if there is an operating deficit, an additional invoice will be sent to you for your apportioned share of the overspend.

Report an Issue

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Please follow the link below to report any open space management issues.